Isabelle Mayereau – Courant d'Air

Mayereau-Mini-Bonus! From the french LP released in 1980 on Disc'Az

Objets Trouvés (Mayereau-Mini-Mix)

Isabelle Mayereau songs only, 1977 – 1987.


Bells Of Kyoto – Swiss Air (Easy Teenage Version)

From the swiss LP released in 1984 on RRR

Richard Torrance – Desert Lady

From the american LP 'Double Take' released in 1978 on Capitol


Barry Reynolds – Hold Me Down

From the german 7'' released in 1974 on RAK


Daniel Bacalov – Le Anime Dei Ladri

From the italian LP 'Il Ladro Di Anime' released in 1985 on General Music


Umberto Balsamo – Ma… Avvicinarsi

From the italian LP 'Crepuscolo d'Amore' released in 1978 on Polydor