Tatsu Yamashita – 素敵な午後は (Live)

From the japanese LP 'It's A Poppin' Time' released in 1978 on RCA


  1. Nice find! Thanks for always sharing these little Japanese gems once in a while... This is a gorgeous song... sweet slow funky soulful... full of class! Gonna add this one to my wishlist! A while ago you posted "原 マスミ – 天使にそっくり" from the LP 'Imagination Exchange'... one of my favourite songs from your blog. Strange dubby balearic wonderful reggae experimental... do you have any more info on that album? Is the rest of the album equally great or interesting?

    Anyway! Thanks for all the good posts 2013. I am glad I discovered your blog! Happy New Year & all the best for 2014...


  2. thanks for listening! there is at least two really good ones on 原 マスミ – 天使にそっくり. you can listen two a couple more on youtube. cheers!